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The Difference Between CBD Oil Strengths: Which CBD Strength Should You Take?


Thousands of people use CBD every day for a variety of reasons, and there are many CBD manufacturers offering products with different strengths. For those new to CBD, this can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. What are the strengths of CBD oil? How are they determined? And what should you take to help with your symptoms? – CBD Label 101: Everything You Need to Know – Differences between CBD Oils like Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum – The best CBD strength for you – Whether the way you consume CBD changes the effectiveness of CBD – Tips for buying the best CBD oil and CBD capsules CBD Label 101: Everything You Need to Know Explained When looking at CBD products, it’s important to know that the amount indicated on the container may represent the amount of CBD in the entire package, unless it says “per serving.” This is why looking at serving sizes is so important to know how much CBD is in each serving. For example, a bottle of 1,500 mg of organic CBD oil contains 50 mg of CBD per serving. Likewise, a bottle of 600mg CBD capsules contains 20mg of CBD per capsule.

Does the bottle mean milligrams of CBD or hemp extract?

This is another place where reading labels is important. If the formula indicates the amount of CBD, yes, it should indicate the amount of CBD measured in each serving size, and this should be backed up by the batch report available on the site. (You can view the batch report here. Broad-spectrum hemp extracts, such as the oils and formulas here at HempFusion, tend to be our favorites, as they also contain other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and omegas. Preserving these impressive compounds at HempFusion has led us to create one of the most state-of-the-art extraction methods capable of extracting the hemp plant’s incredible oil while preserving as much of CBD’s “entourage” as possible.

You can find CBD in one of three forms.

CBD Isolate: It is simply isolated CBD with no other compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. Full-Spectrum: Full-spectrum CBD is a hemp extract that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including up to 0.3% THC. Broad-Spectrum: Broad-spectrum CBD is a hemp extract that contains the full spectrum of amazing cannabinoids and terpenes, but no THC (less than 0.01% tested). This is HempFusion’s preferred form. Because I love how the rich, organically produced CBD oil retains the various compounds that contribute to Entourage’s effects. As always, when choosing CBD oil or capsules, study the label closely to make sure you have a complete picture of the product you are taking.

CBD Oil Strength: How Much CBD Should You Take?

As with many supplements, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. “More” isn’t always better, but depending on your unique story and biological make-up, “less” might not be either. Generally speaking, our CBD Support capsules are a great place to start, as they are formulated to provide targeted support in an adult-safe serving size. The best advice is to always start with the suggested serving size. If you’re looking to explore more custom serving sizes, such as our 10000 mg CBD Oil Tincture Formula, your best bet is to consult your trusted physician for guidance. As the cannabis industry grows, researchers will do more research on how much CBD oil to consume. It is important that more research be done so that we can more accurately define what CBD does, as well as the ideal potency and amount you should consume to properly support your endocannabinoid system.

Find the CBD Strength That’s Best for You

Between the somewhat confusing labels and different serving sizes, deciding which CBD is right for you can be a full-time task. Of course, if you want to better understand the old question of what is the best CBD for me, I’ve got you covered. It is always important to consult a doctor before using CBD products, especially if you have symptoms of a serious mental or physical health condition. CBD can potentially worsen symptoms, increase side effects, or interact with other medications.

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