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muscle recovery in athletes


The level of intensity required to successfully train for a triathlon or marathon eventually takes its toll on the body in one way or another. Athletes participating in this level of training should look at their nutrition, overall body conditioning and recovery, and keep their training up to date for the event itself. As training levels intensify and athletes run longer distances and speeds increase, CBD for muscle recovery between sessions becomes important.

RICE – Rest, cold compresses, and elevations work for most muscle injuries.

Rest: Rest is essential to protect damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, or other tissues from further damage. Allowing the damaged area to rest is important to promote effective healing.

Ice: If you’re participating in intensive training for a sporting event, investing in a reusable hot and cold gel pack is really worth it. Cold compresses provide short-term pain relief and limit swelling by reducing blood flow to the injured area. Applying ice directly to the skin will cause a ‘burn’ and do not leave ice on the injured area for more than 20 minutes at a time. A good rule of thumb is to apply a cold compress for 15 minutes, then leave it on long enough for the skin to warm up again.

Compression: Use with caution as compression can delay healing as it helps to limit and reduce swelling. In some people, compression relieves the pain. An easy way to compress the injured area is to apply an ACE bandage over the swollen area. If you feel tingling or the bandage feels too tight, remove the bandage and re-wrap the area to loosen the bandage slightly.

Elevation: Elevating the injury helps control swelling. It is most effective when the injured area is above heart level. For example, if you hurt your ankle, try lying in bed with your feet propped up on a pillow or two.
After a day or two of treatment, many sprains, strains, or other injuries begin to heal. However, if the pain or swelling does not decrease after 48 hours, see your doctor or go to your local emergency room if you have an emergency.

RICE usually treats most muscle injuries, but what about recovery from tired, overused muscles? To perform at your best, your muscles need to return to peak performance levels as quickly as possible. Many athletes take muscle recovery supplements to help with this, but many more athletes don’t like fueling their bodies artificially.

Recognizing that there are few alternatives to supplements on the market, Greg Muller and Gena Brewerton set out to develop products and formulas that are not only good for you, but also great for recovery and ultimately performance. At the heart of their development was the principle that their solutions were 100% natural and formulated specifically for athletes and active people.

Conscious that everything we apply to our skin is absorbed by the body, they had a strong desire to formulate ingredients that would positively impact athletic performance and muscle recovery. The demand for high levels of achievement in life, sports and athletic activities and the difference between good and great performance can be attributed to even the smallest details.

Combining the healing power of Epsom Salt with a fine blend of 15 essential oils, we developed Pure Athlete Sports Recovery Bath Salts. Developed specifically with athletes in mind. This 100% natural blend is designed to help your body in its natural healing and recovery process so you can get back to training and competition faster.

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