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This depends what you mean by work. The CBD will begin to enter your bloodstream within an hour of applying the patch. Will you notice or feel a difference? In my experience I would say if your body is lacking cannabinoids then you may notice a change quite quickly. However, if you are taking other medication from your doctor this may mean it takes longer for you to notice changes.

In my osteopathic work I notice that the patients who take longer to respond to treatment are those that are taking large amounts of prescribed medication. These drugs are often very potent and are pushing and shoving your body in a direction they want it to go in, regardless of what your body is trying to do. This is where CBD products are much gentler as they are asking your body to find its balance which is not easy when so many drugs are causing physiological chaos in your body.

Other lifestyle factors are important too. If you have poor nutrition or a sedentary lifestyle there is not a single substance on planet earth that can overcome the harm being caused to you by this. There is no magic pill that creates good health, be it something prescribed by your doctor or a natural substance. The most powerful way to find good health is with your own choices.

Of course, Best CBD Patches for pain relief can be a good way to encourage healthy choices as it is in itself a healthy thing to take. Therefore, will you notice a change? Hopefully yes and hopefully quickly but do not expect it to do all the work for you!


Yes you can. It is waterproof and should not come off but just take a little care when washing around the area where the patch is, do not be too aggressive with applying soap or scrubbing over the patch. Aside from that it is absolutely fine to shower or swim with a patch on.

You do not have to do anything to prepare your skin before you apply the patch but I would ensure you have not used a moisturiser, muscle rub or barrier cream of any kind on the area where you are applying the patch.

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